Euparkeria (meaning "Parker's good animal") was a was a small reptile that lived during the early Triassic period between 248-245 million years ago. It was a close to the ancestry of the archosaurs (crocodilians, dinosaurs, birds, pterosaurs etc.).

Euparkeria had a light, lean body, long tail, and a small skull with tiny, needle-like teeth. It probably fed on insects and any other small animals that it could find on the forest floor, and would have periodically shed its teeth in order to keep them sharp.

Euparkeria was featured in the BBC television program Walking With Monsters, incorrectly identifying it as the ancestor of all dinosaurs. Euparkeria was not the true ancestor of dinosaurs; however, it was related to the dinosauromorphs and Saltoposuchus, that was thought to be a possible ancestor of the dinosaurs.

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