Saltoposuchus is not to be confused with Saltasaurus or with Saltopus.

Saltoposuchus 1

Saltoposuchus connectens

Saltoposuchus (meaning "leaping crocodile") was a 0.9-1.5 meters (3–5 feet) long-tailed crocodylomorph reptile (Sphenosuchia), that lived during the late Triassic period in Europe.

The front arms of Saltoposuchus were short and the hind legs were long. It was clearly a swift bipedal runner, though it was probably comfortable on all four feet as well. It possessed pointed teeth and a double row of bony scutes along its back.

Saltoposuchus is referred to in popular literature as close to the ancestor of the dinosaurs, if not the ancestor of the dinosaurs. Current scientific opinion does not however consider Saltoposuchus to be ancestral to the dinosaurs.

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