The name Shunosaurus means "Shu's Lizard".It was found in China.It lived 177 million years ago in the
Mid.Jurassic.The first fossil of this dino was found in 1977.In 2010 Gregory S. Paul estimated the length of Shunosaurus is 31 feet and 9.5 metres.Gregory S. Paul also estimated Shuosaurus had the wiegt of three elephants wich is 3.3 tons and 3 metric tons.At the end of this dinosaur's tail was a club with four small spikes that might have been used for wacking Ceratosaurus kind of like an Ankylosaurus fighting a Tyrannosaurus.It was described and named in a chinese museum by Dong Zhiming,Zhwo Shiwu,and Zang Hihong in 1983.This dinosaur has the strength of 8 elephants.

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