Torosaurus means "Perforated Lizard", not "Bull Lizard, like most people think. Perforated means with a hole or holes, which refers to it's frill. Torosaurus was related to Triceratops, and was from around the same time. It was 7.6 metres long and 3 metres tall. It weighed 4-6 tons. Like most Ceratopsians, Torosaurus' frill has holes to make the frill lighter. The frill was massive, making the total head length 2.6 metres long-the size of a small car. Like Triceratops, Torosaurus had three horns-two large brow horns, and one smaller nose horn. It also had a beak to snap vegetation. Torosaurus was a herbivore, and what we call a browser. Torosaurus was preyed on by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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